A security gate without a Security Guard in a Gated community


Right there’s the security of this oh my god no security what thirty in the morning Perceval ages at six o’clock no security the quarantine yeah I do not get it it’s secure this place ease and security no sincerity it’s all dark in this game right now Golf my heart truly right now

A security patrol right now that is unfair everyone this property is paying for this whole thing right now and it’s not fair to us for being for we need to get one man we need to get what we’re paying for it’s not fair to us at all it’s just not cool

I want this video so cool Aaron for everyone to see that whatever that the bank for they’re not getting what the band for ages that you paying some money for no reason and damn that can 8:40 certain times that they’re not they’re not even working for you just

Very much like a friend money that I get it cuz I’m sure that we all were all paying for it all of the residents are living here or paying for this here Wow that is so not cool no patrolling no nothing a security in the property but I thought that deliver steaks

O’clock in the morning 6:00 a.m. and now it’s like foot turn yet and there’s no security around that’s not everybody’s quiet doesn’t know [ __ ] spot quite alike all over it you don’t expect you always think your role security guard our office we’re trying to get home at this moment but

This whole thing looks so not cold my the maintenance management trying to make you pay for certain in my money of some sort of service that you are not getting that you’re just being four-eyed this done right now for 36 resident area that is mad that does not have security

You know at that same time right now at this time pretty much like if that’s something management no contract that you’re just paying for it but you paint just get the service but you should be able to have those air like at that time with just

Six iPod if it’s there for six point should be able to get at six o’clock and right now I’m at Dixon before it’s just that cool even me as well those guys you just name it seems cool to me I live in here my mom is paying for all

Those things yeah we’re to speak for those things here like for real you just look go to us to me for something that we’re not getting the legs of No Oh my question is that I’m one of the poorest residents anything is that there is a lot of course that has been broken

And – like stolen cars it will come through here and steal your car ain’t gonna like break into your car and I just wouldn’t like to be one of those rich teams and I happened to and this area and the thing is much like they don’t care about it it’s like there’s

Like pretty much like four six buildings in this area and there’s a lot of people losing hand as you can see so far there’s a lot of cars in those parkings anyone can break through here and do whatever they want to and you as a resident you don’t know about anything

Because all your nobody says that the maintenance that you paying for that you you just paying for every single month that your heart is being secured but the thing is just that you know you’re not getting that service that you was told to get that you thought you just you

Know got yourself and to that you know getting what you’re paying for it it’s just not fair to us so I mean I’m just making this video and I you know pretty much just the right of every single each one of those residents live in this

Property even if you lease rent or own your own property in this area like


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